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Director, Newnique Solutions

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Tracey New - Business Coach & Mentor.
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Years of experience to help you transform your business & your life.

One on One business coaching with Tracey New

With of over 20 years experience starting & running multiple businesses, I understand exactly what it’s like and the stress and pressures you face. It can be a lonely place running your own business and often hard to see the forest for the trees. Having a trusted advisor working alongside you, guiding, bouncing idea's off, drawing on years of experience & resources is what you need to bring about transformation in your business which will in turn transform your life.

I have experience across multiple sectors including training, technology, mortgage broking/finance, human resources, government, property & hospitality. No matter what type or how small your business is we are confident we can help you grow, increase and reach your goals and dreams, you will be surprised at how quickly this can happen.

I speak to many business owners who express similar challenges such as improving profitability, cash flow, productivity, staffing issues and not being consumed by their business, so if you are experiencing any or all of these concerns please contact me today for a Free Discovery Call so we can begin transforming your business, and your life.

Tracey is also the founder of Hills Business Network, A new approach to business networking with a vision to help you  be encouraged & inspired in business, either by listening to another businesses journey or connecting with great people who could potentially become a great referral source for your business, or maybe even getting that lead via meeting the right person to take your business to the next level.


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Tracey & Tiff

Still not convinced?

Tracey is truly blessed with a capacity to understand the potential in a person. She can mentor in the language of the person’s capacity. She is pretty straight forward & talks to the point.

Not only does she mentor based on the business needs, but includes the personal welfare of the client into her mentoring. This is quite important for anyone who needs to run a business successfully.

She is an amazing mentor. She has been a blessing to me & my business. I would highly recommend her.

Laniya Mathew
Owner, Abe's Table

Since I have started working with Tracey, I have become a lot clearer with where my business is headed and am now the most excited I have been about the future for quite some time. I love the fact that I can sit down with Tracey on a weekly basis and tackle any of the issues that I am facing as they come up.

It has been great to be able to bounce ideas off someone and get an outsiders opinion on day to day matters. Sometimes business can be a very lonely game, so I love the fact that I have Tracey to reach out to when ever issues arise or things can become stressful.

Adam Simpson
Owner, Repetition Fitness

We engaged the services of Newnique Solutions after an unexpected partnership dissolution. Tracey's positive approach, diverse business experience and extensive knowledge was just what our business needed to help us navigate our way through the new challenges we were faced with.

We highly recommend Tracey and her "Newnique" approach to business solutions.

Jen Kunze
Owner, Iconic Signs

Tracey’s approach to business coaching is passionate and hands on. Her wealth of knowledge and positivity helped us overcome obstacles outside of the normal coaching program.

Tracey is a business coach like no other! The team at Iluminar Electrical Services highly recommends Newnique Solutions!

Tom Claps
Owner, Iluminar Electrical

I knew my small business had serious potential for growth after being a sole trader for many years and building a strong base. I just didn’t know how or what strategy I needed to grow it. Tracey from Newnique Solutions came recommended as the person I needed to provide that direction.

From day one Tracey listened to my story, my ambitions, identified my strengths, and importantly identified the roadblocks holding back my business back. Tracey delivered what she promised. My business has grown from a one-man band, to a team of 4 within six months, new sales records have been achieved, and its onwards and upwards from here.

David Cugola
Owner, Northside Auto Electrics
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